A horse fell down a sinkhole in Texas, see her rescue now!


We’ve heard many stories about horses that get stuck in something, or fall in a huge hole, we’ve heard many stories of horses falling in trouble in general; this is one of these stories, but it’s the most dangerous of all.


Earlier this month, Arlington, Texas, had some flooding in it, which caused sinkholes. Sinkholes are pockets in the earth’s surfaces, and these sinkholes could take away helpless creatures off the earth’s surface, and if they are lucky enough, they will get help. Thankfully, this horse was very lucky to be saved from the sinkhole she fell in.


A sinkhole was formed underneath a family’s driveway, but they didn’t realize that until a completely, innocent and helpless animal fell in it. The animal is Ginger the horse, owned by Carolyn Putney since 25 years ago.


For two hours, three rescue teams and a backhoe teamed up and worked together so they could save Ginger the horse.


As expected, Ginger tried to free herself by kicking, but it didn’t help, it only made her fall deeper.


But with teamwork, 15 firefighters were able to get the horse out from the four-foot-deep hole.


Ginger the horse had a few scratches here and there, and she was exhausted from the horrifying experience.


Ginger the horse went to the vet as quick as possible, and after she was checked, the vet said to her owner that she will recover quickly, and that she should not worry at all.


Ginger the beautiful horse is now on her way to recover, she’s safe and sound, and she’s right where she belongs: on the earth’s surface.


A huge thank you for the firefighters who rescued the horse, I’m sure that Ginger’s owner is very grateful for them. May Ginger be always safe, next to her caring owner, Carolyn.