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A horse gives birth to twin foals, see how healthy they are!

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What a miracle! Farmer Roy Frank and his wife Lorraine certainly were not expecting that their beautiful black horse, Sonitas Peponita, would give birth to twin foals, a colt and a filly. The last time Roy Frank heard about something like that was 25 years old ago, so he was totally surprised for that to happen. They didn’t know that she was pregnant with twins.

The birth of the two twin foals is so miraculous and special because it does not happen quite often, and they newborns are always most likely not to survive. But what happened was definitely not expected. When the birth of twin foals occurs, the foals are in a higher risk of being poorly and not healthy at all and facing health issues. The mother also faces a hard time caring for the two newborn. But Sonitas’s babies are special, they are born healthy and their mother loves them so much and cares for them.

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Roy Frank and his wife cannot believe the birth of the two foals. He was worried that he would have extra work, hence the mother usually doesn’t accept more than one foal, but surprisingly, Sonitas accepted both of them.

Roy Frank is a horse breeder, he raises Quarter Horses to sell, has his farm in Spruce Grove, Alberta. He says that the twins are most likely to have a forever residency in his farm, probably because his wife got too attached to them.

What a beautiful miracle! You can see in the video how healthy the look, Sonitas also looks so healthy. She is also playful, as you will see in the video, how she rolls on the ground. It’s adorable, isn’t it?

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