A Labrador dog steals the hose and showers his owner instead.


Well, revenge is sweet, isn’t it?

This Labrador dog is the sweetest, and definitely the funniest I’ve ever seen in a while. It seems that this Labrador dog’s owner was giving his dog a shower, but the tables have turned. The Labrador dog somehow got hold of the hose, and he just decided to give his owner a shower, too! He probably just felt that it’s not fair that his owner is always giving him showers, and he never repays him. But he figured it all! The Labrador dog made his owner run all around the garden, he never left him alone! You will laugh so hard that you might fall off the chair, it’s hysterically amazing! At the end, after giving his owner a shower, the Labrador put the hose down, and continued to play with it.


Well, Labradors are known for being playful and outgoing, and this video proves it. They are gentle and kind, and they have a great smelling sense. The have a weird-kind-of habit, they love to hold objects in their mouths (as seen in the video, obviously), even if the objects are hands or arms. They actually can carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it! They form unbreakable bonds with children and other pets, and they love sports, they are athletic and fast.

Their favorite games are fetching, Frisbee, and they just love chewing things. It’s better to start leash-training from puppyhood. They have an amazing ability to learn fast, which makes them a perfect breed for being search and rescue, detection, and therapy work dogs. They’re not ideal for being guard dogs because they can get friendly with strangers. In other words, you will fall in love with them because they are perfect.


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