A large Mastiff competes in his own way

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In a dog show in Denver, Colorado, a pooch named Zeus participated in an agility obstacle course where dogs jump sprightly over poles and duck quickly into tubes. Among all the dogs zipping around, the male Bullmastiff was the slowest in the competition; he was not in a rush at all.

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Although Zeus was not the fastest dog, his chilled out style got the job done. As he slowly walked through the course, the audience cheered him with laughter until he finished. While Zeus’s handler was trying to urge him to go faster, the pooch’s body language showed no response and that he was happy chilling out; he even seemed uninterested to finish the contest. After all, Zeus completed his run with one bar knocked over. For the pooch, it was not about speed as for the agility itself.

The English Mastiff sneaked so slow through the poles. Although he looked so heavy while moving, he jumped precisely over bars, all while he was paying no attention to the handler who tried to hurry him up.

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Zeus was not, of course, the fastest dog in that competition, but eventually, he made it through! Check out the video of the dog show of Rocky Mountain Cluster fan favorite in Denver, Colorado. This video was uploaded on YouTube last year but it got more attention recently. Looks like we are as slow as Zeus giving attention to his video!

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