A lioness’ reaction after reuniting with its pride.

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Male and female lions live together with their cubs in large groups called pride. Every pride has a king and alternates between two to twenty lionesses. If the food is secured then lionesses number within a pride can be reduced as they disperse and join another pride. Lionesses are mainly the hunters, they are responsible of bringing food for the pride while the king go hunting if they did not give him a share or there is a big kill and king’s assistance is necessary.

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The breed process begins when a female enters a period of sexual reception called “estrus”. A female lion gives a specific scent to refer that it is ready for the sexual reception and when a lion sniffs or smells that scent, it will follow the lioness until the lioness is ready to mate. Female lions remains in estrus for almost four days and mating happens several times.

All female lions within the same pride are mostly related, they are aunts, sisters, nieces, etc. They enjoy a strong family relationship.

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A king or a queen, the lions always need to be a part of a pride. How would a lioness feel after separating from its pride for three days and stay all alone? This poor lioness found itself alone without this strong family bond and tried for several times to call for them. It did not lose hope to reunite again with them. It was sad and lonely for sure, but it was hopeful that they would hear its calling.

It must have been tough on this poor lioness but their reunion and warm welcome to her deserves every attempt it made. The pride welcomed their member and when you watch you feel like you are watching a group of kittens play together not wild animal at all!