A little boy changes the fate of this goat and saves him from getting killed.

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Adrian wants no killing, and what Adrian says, happens.

Goat sacrifices are a usual thing in Nepal, but when this amazing boy went to visit Nepal with his family, he courageously stood up for an innocent goat, when he knew that he would end up slaughtered. Even though people saw slaughtering goats was a normal thing, this boy saw it as taking one’s life, and that is just wrong.

This video was posted on Facebook, showing Adrian tearfully standing up for the goat, and he kept on yelling no to the guy who was trying to take the goat away from him. His heartbreaking outburst started when he knew the fate of his new friend, and so he kept shouting and crying. He knows that goats are in pain, and that is not fair. The boy holds the goat close to him; he hugs him and put his hand on his neck, not letting anyone come near them. It’s like he is protecting him for the inhumane people, and the cruel truth of the world.

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Thankfully, the boy’s cries had actually made an effect, and it changed is goat friend’s fate. A voice behind the camera said that it’s okay now, they won’t kill the goat, and that he is safe now. At first the boy was still not sure, but then he took his goat friend and just walked away with him, happily yet still sniffing from all the crying.

This boy made my heart break, it’s amazing how intelligent they really are, kids know that killing isn’t a good thing, and those kids are the future of the, hopefully, better world. Goats shouldn’t be slaughtered, no animal should, and any animal should be able to live the life he deserves, not a cruel one.

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