A Little Girl’s New Puppy Changes Her Life In Amazing Way!

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This little puppy has been rescued from the shelter and moreover he now has a new purpose in his precious life thanks to that one little girl with Brittle Bone Disease.

All dogs know tricks, but today this little dog named Trick is going to learn all it takes to go to his new forever home.

The little puppy, Trick, is trained as the girl’s service dog because she can’t walk alone by herself. This story shows the special bond between a little girl and her shelter dog.

The toddler gives the shelter dog a new purpose in his new life. The little girl is full of energy and wants to play all the time like any toddler at her age. Unlike other toddlers, she wakes up every day to face new life challenges.

The little girl suffers from Brittle Bone Disease which leads to a risk of lots of fractures. Seventeen fractures so far requiring seven surgery, her mom, Elena, helping her to achieve milestones while keeping her safe.

At that point, comes Trick’s role. The shelter dog is training to be her new service dog.

Dogs can give the best support ever for little children with rare diseases in particular. This story we have here is so much similar to another one when a Great Dane helps a girl with a rare medical condition to walk on her own.


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