A Makeup Artist Used Her Talent To Transform Herself to Match Her Husky Dog

8-31-2015 3-37-26 PM

You know that one person who draws on people’s face? They are very talented; this girl used her talent in something amazing that will leave you speechless. We know how much sometimes we go mad because of our dogs. Their endless love makes us love them more and more, and as a way to show how much this girl appreciates her dog, she decided to do something new! She painted the face of her dog on her face just to look like him, and to let all dog lovers know how she made it.

8-31-2015 3-37-42 PM

When you see the tutorial you will be totally amazed! She is really talented; she is really transforming herself into her husky dog. It does really prove that make up have endless powers! It makes everything possible! Never underestimate the power of makeup.

The Makeup artist started with drawing some simple outlines on her face, and then she started to paint her face with the brown color which is just like her beautiful husky dog‘s, then she painted the eyes amazingly, the nose, the tongue, the mouth, it was incredibly amazing! The thing I liked the most about this tutorial was that she succeeded in painting with tones; she made the tones of the face amazingly. This girl is truly talented, and this tutorial proves that she is incredibly creative, it’s an amazing kind of art.

8-31-2015 3-37-12 PM

The name of this talented artist is IlanaKolihnov and you can find lots of her makeup tutorials on the internet. Her beautiful husky dog is named Aiibi, and he was very amazed when he saw his owner looking exactly like him, they took so many photos together, Aiibi was really smiling.

Watch this tutorial and if you find that she is really talented, share it with your family and friends.