A man acts spontaneously to save a dog from frostbiting!

If you have ever seen a dog discovering snow for the first time, then you know how much fun wintertime can bring, especially for owners and their pets. The disappointing part is that some big fluffy-coated friends have to suffer outdoors in the cold, through some really freezing mornings and rough frosty nights.

People believe that having thick fur, is warming.  On the contrary, having a thick coat is not always enough. This think layer can’t always protect dogs from hypothermia and frostbite, even those with the thickest coats, like Norwegian Elkhounds, Malamutes, and Samoyeds can suffer from frostbite.

On one of the extremely cold days in Minnesota, a local woman left her dog waiting outside a post office, while she was inside.  It was -20 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily for the poor dog, a local man was heading to the post office too.  That is when he saw the lonely pup shivering outside.  The man was kind to do what he did next.  While the dog was shaking, the man knelt beside the dog on the ground and wrapped his arms around the freezing creature.  He decided to stay in this position until the owner returned!

It is not hard for anyone to infer the meaning of the expressions on the dog’s face.  it is obvious that the dog is calling out for help, like it wanted to say ‘It is freezing out here, please never leave me out alone in such low temperatures!” Fortunately, this lovely pup had someone there for him when he needed a friend most.  It was probably so thankful to the kind man!



Unfortunately, many other dogs and cats in this country are not as lucky. In the recent years, the Humane Society of America has reported an increase in the number of pets left alone in the extreme cold outside. Some pet owners do not provide the proper shelter and food for their animals, and some even seems to be ignoring the fact that freezing weather can cause death to their animals.  That is why these heartless people face the risk of being criminally charged.

You can help those poor animals by reporting to authorities when you see any animal in a situation similar to this one.  Take note of date, time, location, and preferably photos if possible. You can also call the Humane Society of the United States on 866-720-2676 or 202-452-1100.  They are available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

If you see a freezing dog outside and want to help it get warm, take them inside immediately, but remember not to take them to extreme heat too quickly, as this could cause their bodies a shock.  Offer the warmth gradually, by wrapping them carefully with blankets to warm them up then take them indoors. It is also crucial to get them to a vet, and monitor their vital signs.

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