A man takes good care of a stray dog in need!

The hero of this story is an animal lover. While he has a large collection of animals, and he can no longer take any more, he allowed this dog to take residence just outside his home.  One morning, he noticed that there was a little thing curling against the homeless dog.  He decided to move towards it to take a closer look.  That is when he was surprised to find that the thing curled up was a dog who had just given birth overnight to a tiny very cute puppy! Because he had no place for the newborn puppy and its mother, he served them at their residence spot outside his home!
After the man did a wonderful job taking care of the sweet puppy and its mom for three days, he took the little family to the local shelter. The mom was very gentle with her hero just as with her baby.

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According to the man, while the mom did not mind him being around her pup, he never attempted to touch the pup whilst taking care of them.  Moreover, he expressed that he was very cautious not to upset the mom when picking the puppy to bring them to the local shelter. Obviously, the mom knew that the kindhearted human was there to help, so she was completely okay with him handling her newborn baby.

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As it was in August, the shelter was a very good place for the mom and her baby who would prefer a cooler place than their warm spot besides their rescuer’s home. Pepper, as she was named later, did not have flea problems, and has been adopted by a loving family! Luckily for Pepper and her puppy the man was there to offer a helping hand, Lord only knows what could have happened to them if she had given birth somewhere else.
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