A man was able to teach a seagull how to tap dance!

Who said dogs are the only animals that can be trained on tricks? Well, whoever said that, they’re not right. Cats can be trained on tricks, parrots can be too, and seagulls can do tricks too! Seagulls, you read that right. In this video, you will see the weirdest yet most stunning thing ever. Ever seen a seagull dancing? Well, probably not, but you will now. This seagull is not just dancing, he is taught to tap dance! You will be astonished.

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Meet the man who decided to teach a seagull how to tap dance. Wales decided to use his lunch break hour to teach the seagull that in order to have food, he has to tap dance. Taking place in New Quay, the man was actually able to teach the seagull how to tap dance. You can see in the video below that whenever the man says dance, the seagull starts to tap dance, and he gets ready for the piece of food that will be thrown for him. Well, this man did know how to pass time of his lunch break, didn’t he? It’s also very kind of him to feed the seagull, let alone teach them how to dance.7-25-2015 6-31-40 PM


Seagulls are awesome. They all have the same shape, big, long wings and heavy bodies. They can swim and walk, and they could adapt to any food. Seagulls eat fish, insects, earthworms, seeds, and many other things. Seagulls have a limited ability to dive deep in the water to get a deeper prey, and that usually happens by associating with other animals. Seagulls, for example, feed grey whales, and orcas. These birds are definitely beautiful, and you can always watch them on any beach.

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Watch the video below of the man who taught the seagull to dance, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.