A pit bull was found with a huge wound on her back, her recovery is amazing. (Graphic)

As we know, stray dogs face dangerous things, and these things could be so harmful for them, and it might end their lives. Thankfully, though, Daisy’s life was saved when she was brought to Vet Ranch, and if it wasn’t for the one who brought her there, Daisy would have died.

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Daisy’s story is heartbreaking, and even though the vets did not know the true story behind Daisy’s story, they assume that she was hit by a car. Daisy the Pit bull dog got to Vet Ranch with a huge wound on her back, and she would have died from it because of infection. Thankfully, she received help and care in the right time.

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A doctor at Vet Ranch, Dr. Matt, immediately took her in and he started working on Daisy’s wound. Warning: Daisy’s wound, the video in general, contains graphic images that might be disturbing for some viewers. Daisy’s wound was so deep, so it couldn’t be sutured, so the doctor had to use hydrotherapy to stimulate the tissue to heal. The progress is evident in the video; the wound starts to heal day by day.

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After the surgery, you will see Daisy’s wagging tail, and she looks so happy! The wound (after a few days) was able to be sutured, and the doctor took care of everything so well. Now the wound is fully treated, and Daisy had fully recovered. Now she can walk without feeling any pain, she can run without feeling the painful feeling of the wound. Daisy finally got the life and care she deserves, and we’re so thankful for everyone who donates and helps in treating Daisy, and all the other dogs. Daisy is now on her feet again, thanks to everyone who helped and Dr. Matt.

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