A puppy walks himself, the reason is priceless

6-29-2015 6-26-01 PM

What this dog is doing is something special, and heart touching, it’s amazing to see a dog who thinks about his owner first before thinking of himself and his special needs. This puppy is not a service dog or something; he is a normal golden retriever puppy, who is owned by a disabled man, who can’t do with his dog lots of things that normal owners could do, but that’s doesn’t matter for the little puppy, because his love for his owner is priceless.

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The canine instincts of this dog made him do the unthinkable; he thought about his owner first, he thought about not interrupting him with his daily walks, so he decided to walk himself. He tugged on the leash and followed his owner who is sitting on his wheelchair, pushing that wheelchair with his both of his hands. Surprisingly, the golden retriever puppy in this video was only nine weeks old, he was untrained, he was not figuring this out completely because of his age. Now that puppy is two years old, and he still does the same thing. What a loyal friend, he truly loves his owner.

Every day we hear a story about how dogs are kind, and how they are great companions. Dogs are very loyal, they can’t bear the distance between them and their friends, but even if the distance and time were long, the love of the dog to its owner stays the same and gets even bigger. This video simply shows how pets are loyal, faithful and loving. Dogs teach us how to be faithful and truly love people who surround us, nothing is better in life than having a loyal pet.

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Watch this amazing video below, and if you find it touching, share it with your family and friends.