A Refugee Syrian Family Brought Their Pet Cat With Them On Journey To Greece


War is horrible! It kills everything beautiful, we all know about what happened in Syria nowadays, many Syrian escaped to many other countries trying to find safety for their families and children, but have you ever thought about how many pets were lost there? How many cats and dogs were killed or left behind abandoned. This man is the reason who made us think about it, because what he did is unbelievably kind.

In this image you will see a tiny little kitten; she is this Syrian refugee’s pet.Whenthis photo was posted, it went viral all over the internet and social media websites. This Syrian refugee refused to leave his cat there in Syria; he decided to let her escape with him. The image of him hugging the cat was very heartwarming, it touched everyone’s heart. In the time that lots of people think about themselves first, this man is thinking about the safety of his pet.

The family couldn’t standleaving their cat in Syria, they couldn’t imagine living the rest of their lives without her, and because pets are friends for life, and so they decided to take her with them. Surprisingly, their journey was across the Mediterranean Sea to Lesbos, Greece. It wasn’t an easy trip but thankfully they made it, and now they will live safely with their beloved kitten.

As the refugee and his family said, their cat is named Zaytouna, which means an olive in Arabic, he said also that he did his best to keep her safe, and he is very happy that she is with him now. The family is supposed to continue their journey to Europe, and of course they are planning on takingZaytouna with them.

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