A Rottweiler dog changes his face from lovely to mean by his owner’s command.


Who said that Rottweiler dogs are cruel? Well, whoever said that is now proven wrong.

This adorable Rottweiler dog is mastering a new trick, and it’s hilarious. In the video below, you will see the Rottweiler dog sitting, and his owner giving him commands. The dog learned to put on his mean face when his owner tells him so, and also to show his teeth. This dog is adorable, and he probably wouldn’t hurt anyone, but sometimes he has to show his mean side.

When his loving owner told the dog to show his teeth, the dog showed his white teeth before putting off his pose and returning to his normal face. Then his owner told him to show his mean face, he growled and showed his teeth; his face was one hundred percent mean. I loved how the dog went from too-lovely-and-adorable face to very-mean-and-dangerous face, it’s awesome!


Teaching your dog tricks is easy; you will just need patience and lots of treats in order to train him on things. Also training your dog will help you establish a very strong bond, but that bond won’t happen if you are hard on your dog and shouting at him when he does the trick wrong. If you want to train a dog on something, then you will need love, patience, and his favorite treats. Training your dog on tricks improves his skills and intelligence, so just do it, and you can do it just for fun.

Have you ever tried teaching your dog a trick? Well, this owner was trying, but it was very hard when another big dog ruined their practice, but it’s hilarious. Don’t also miss the adorable cat that made seven tricks in one minute! He’s awesome, watch it here.

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