A senior dog living next to open chemical tanks, WATCH the amazing rescue!

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As always, Hope for paws amaze us with their amazing short videos showing their rescues and this one is one of the heartwarming rescues of all.

Hope for paws received a call about a stray dog that was living in the streets, and he was an old dog. The senior dog was located at a water treatment facility. When the volunteer reached there and saw the dog, he noticed that there were hazardous chemicals in the tanks next to the dog, so he must be very careful. As always, cheese burgers are the solution, the volunteer started to throw some bits of cheese burger towards the senior dog, so he came closer towards them, but it seems that the dog was not comfortable with their presence, the time passed and the senior dog still didn’t want them to come near him!


One of the volunteers got a brilliant idea to catch the dog, he came from behind him, and he did it, he gave the dog some cheese burger and tried his best to calm him down. The dog was looking like he was very broken inside; his eyes were full of sadness. It was like it’s the first touch of kindness since a long time.

They named the senior dog Mufasa, they took him immediately to the vet, they gave him a bath and they found that his skin was in a very bad shape, but after a nice bath, all the dirt was removed away.

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Now Mufasa is living in a foster home in a Lionel’s legacy that fosters senior dogs, so if you want to adopt Mufasa or any other senior dog, visit www.LionelsLegacy.org and apply for adopting one of the dogs. Share this story widely with your family and friends; help those innocent dogs find their forever homes.

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