A unique dog blowing bubbles in water, and he is blowing minds too!

5-5-2015 3-30-39 PM

Attention everyone, meet Diesel the Golden Retriever dog who will amaze you by that trick he is doing. The fact is that not every dog loves water, but some dogs love to swim, but some other take it very seriously, and they become best swimmers, like this Labrador dog who was swimming normally in the lake but suddenly he dived into the water, have you ever seen a dog that can DIVE?

5-5-2015 3-30-56 PM

Today, we will see this amazing video of Diesel the Golden Retriever dog that actually blows bubbles in water. The Golden Retriever dog and his owner were having a funny time in the pool, his owner showed him a trick and she asked him if he can blow bubbles in water. And when it was his turn, he amazed us with what he did! What a cute dog, I’ve never seen a dog that blows bubbles in water before.

5-5-2015 3-31-12 PM

People think that all dogs love to swim which is not right; it’s a thing that you train your dog on, like any other trick. Let the training feel like a big game to him, already dogs are very energetic, when he feels that it’s like a game that will help both of him and his trainer he will do his best. A good training depends on excitement, like holding the dog’s favorite toy while training or having his favorite kind of treat. Not all dogs are suitable for swimming, some are good in swimming, and some are not which is a thing you can’t force them on it. Especially those who have short limbs like dachshund dogs and pugs, you should be very careful if they are willing to swim.

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