Abandoned dogs found a new place to live in THIS place

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Did you imagine once that a prison can be a good place to train dogs, the story here is a heart-warming story about the resiliency of a dog’s trust and the generosity of the human spirit. In the seemingly dark recesses of a prison, a spark of light emerges that is a reminder of the wonderful and timeless connection that exists between dog and man. By showcasing the positive change in both dogs and inmates as a result of their close bond, DOGS ON THE INSIDE proves that through love anything is possible


Abandoned dogs trained, prepared for adoption by some prisoners, after a dedicated team of dogs rescuers delivered a group of abandoned rescue dogs from the southeastern U.S. to a Massachusetts Correction Facility. The inmates have learned how to train the dogs and how to treat them, who learnt to have faith in people again while the inmates are reminded of their own humanity and capacity for love and empathy. Humans have an innate need to bond with other human beings and with pets. Many animals are hardwired to form intimate bonds with other members of their species. Anyone who has bonded with a dog knows firsthand why dogs are considered “man’s best friend


The relationship between people and dogs is unique. Among domesticated animals, only dogs are capable of performing such a wide variety of roles for humans: herding sheep, sniffing out drugs or explosives and being our beloved companions. It is hard to be precise about when the friendship began, but a reasonable guess is that it has been going strong for more than 20,000 years. In the Chauvet cave in the Ardèche region of France, which contains the earliest known cave paintings, there is a 50-metre trail of footprints made by a boy of about ten alongside those of a large canid that appears to be part-wolf, part-dog. The footprints, which have been dated by soot deposited from the torch the child was carrying, are estimated to be about 26,000 years old

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