Adorable! A Chihuahua dog was caught playing fetch with himself!

Adorable! A Chihuahua dog was caught playing fetch with himself!

Let me tell you, it’s the cutest Chihuahua dog I’ve ever seen. It seems that this little one is having too much energy that he can jump and play all time long, even if he will play with himself. The place was in Kobe, Japan, where this cute Chihuahua saw a little red ball, so he ran after it till it stopped in front of the rock, than he catches it, go to the first point again and throw it. This dog is very cute; it seems that he is really enjoying his time. The uploader of the video said that the Chihuahua dog is not homeless, he has an owner, and he has a safe home. Watch this adorable cute little dog in the video below.

It’s so adorable and cute to have a Chihuahua dog, those owners are lucky to have a cute dog like this. Their temper is normal. Chihuahua dogs are funny, playful, kind, and calm. You will find that they are very talented dogs, the can sing and talk, or mimic their owners. They are very smart dogs and they interact well with the surrounding sounds. So if you want happiness, and a lovely cute little dog that is funny and entertaining and easy to hold before all, very loyal and love to travel, a dog that lives for a long time, then you have to own a Chihuahua dog.

It’s good to train your dog on fetch, training your dog to play fetch is very easy, but it’s very important to be really patient about it. It will be better to start it from puppyhood. Start it with holding a small ball, and let your dog hold it between his mouth and train him on the drop command, train your dog to drop it, repeat it many times and add to them the order of catching things. Prepare lots of treats so your dog gets motivated. After your dog learns to fetch, you have to take it as a part of daily exercising for the dog.