Adventurers….Having Fun and Changing Lives

10-6-2015 5-44-53 PM

Nothing is more amazing than unexpected incidents. It all started when some adventurers were going on one of their trips; a journey in which they were biking nearly 800 miles, and climbing 45 iconic mountains in the American Southwest. While the adventurers were on their trip, they found something unexpected.  Out there in the dry desert,  they found a little puppy!

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The little creature was found  between the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. One of the adventurers heard a whimpering sound, so he tracked it and to his astonishment it was a little pup behind a bush.  It was clear that the little puppy was abandoned by someone.

The adventurers fell in love with the pup right away.  They didn’t want to leave him, so they invited him along to their trip.  Before they had set off, they had named their trip ‘Sufferfest’, where the inspiration for the new pup’s name came from, ‘Sufferpup’.

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We know that puppies are very energetic, they start to explore the world around them from day one.  They want to get the maximum amount of fun and a lot of learning is received during this process.  The group faced the problem of potty training; the puppy was making a mess of their sleeping bags.  They started to think of solutions, and decided to build him a shelter made of cardboard so he can stay safe inside.

Sufferpup spiced the trip for the adventurers, despite all the pooping he did.  He showered them all with cuddles and kisses. When they got back, one of the adventurers’ friends asked to adopt the dog from them, and thankfully now he is at his forever home in Colerado.

What those adventurers did was amazing, they saved a life. If it wasn’t for them, this dog would be dead by now, but thankfully he is happily living with his new owner.