After 9 years of waiting, this dog’s wish is finally fulfilled!


An adorable pooch,Tito, has been living in a kennel for the last 9 years. Although the humans in charge were feeding the dog, taking care of him, there was something very important missing, a right family to take him to his forever home.

For Tito, it was hard to live his life in a kennel while all other dogs kept coming and going to their final homes with their new families. He was always left waiting for the right family. Fortunately, they do not put dogs down in this shelter where Tito lived; he knew that he is safe even if more years were to come.


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One day, a bunch of people approached his kennel and the shelter workers opened the door for him. Since this was not the normal play time he was used to, he knew that this moment might be the one he has been wishing for. He was right, the lovable pooch found hi family who he will live with and love. Finally, Tito has the forever home he was waiting for!

According to the shelter workers, Tito was just so excited and happy about this new arrangment. Tito could not help himself smiling, and when he could not hold the excitement anymore, he just began to run around!

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