After he rescued this baby bird, it was the time to be reunited with its family.

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Yes, birds can fly, but this doesn’t prevent them from falling in trouble, they fall in some from time to time. They need our help sometimes; they need to be saved from those surprising accidents.

In this amazing video, that man saved a little bird that was stuck in a PVC pipe, the man rescued him from the pipe and reunited him with his parents, and it was very touching, the parents ran towards their baby bird in the cutest way, I am sure that they were very thankful to this man who saved their baby. He is the reason of the reunion of this happy family.

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Lots of dangerous cases for these birds, also all the birds accidents happens because of humans so you have to be protective, just like throwing chewing gum in the streets, it’s so dangers, birds get stuck in it and die. Also to help birds, you can put a small bowl of water on your windows and in your balcony because in this hot temperature it becomes very difficult for them to find water.

Imagine how a lot of things that we do can harm little animals, like throwing a gum in the street, some birds die by getting stuck in it, because they aren’t able to move. Also don’t throw cans, to avoid something like what happened to this poor little cat, if she didn’t find that man to help her, she would have been dead. So don’t throw stuff on the streets, we have to try our best to avoid harming any animal. We must always put the trash in its own specific place, to avoid accidents like this one. Not every stray animal will be able to find someone to save them.

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