After her dog was diagnosed with cancer, she made the bucket list to help him.


It’s very hard to know that your beloved dog is only having a few days or months left for them. Riina Cooke received the bad news when she knew that her dog was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer. It was something shocking for her, as she said, she spent two days crying, and her dog felt that she was upset and sad about him. After that, she took him to the park, and when she was there, she decided to never to give up; she decided to make it special. So at the park, she started making a bucket list, full of funny and amazing things to do with her dog. She tried her best to make it easy and close to her home to make it easier on her boxer dog Romeo.


Everything was captured in a picture, the boxer dog did lots of funny things, from riding the Vancouver police car to eating his favorite cheese burger that he wasn’t allowed to eat before, and he had the best birthday party ever. She put so many items in the bucket list but sadly, her boxer dog only made 22 items, because it was time for euthanizing him. Sadly, his owner took that heartbreaking decision to end his pain and suffering.


About that heartbreaking experience, she said that this bucket list made it a lot easier for both of them to get over the situation; they had spent an amazing time doing some of their favorite things. She believed that this bucket list made him a lot happier.


What Riina did with her beloved dog had inspired lots of people in the same situation, they understood that they had to make these last days the best days, not to sit in the corner and cry. It’s a very touching yet heartbreaking story. Share it now with your family and friends.