After his owner died, this dog stayed beside his grave for 6 years!


Remember the Japanese dog Hachiko that waited in the train station for nine years? As he used to greet his master every day at the same place, but one day his master died because of a cerebral hemorrhage, but Hachiko kept on waiting all day long, he took the attention of people who passed by, they offered him food and treats, one of the workers knew the story so it was published in newspapers. After 9 years, Hachiko died with cancer, leaving an amazing story of loyalty behind, but he lived the years that was left in his life, just waiting for his owner.


This is another story that shows us how loyal dogs are. Captain is a German shepherd dog, which was living in Argentina with his owner Miguel Guzman, but sadly he passed away after a year. But the dog couldn’t resist the distance between him and his owner, so he ran away after his death within a short time. The owner’s wife looked everywhere for her husband’s dog, and they didn’t find him anywhere. After a week, they spotted the dog besides Miguel grave, the dog was crying, whining and howling.

Surprisingly, Miguel’s wife said that the dog didn’t know the way to the grave; she was shocked to find him sitting there. This loyal dog didn’t want to leave Miguel. The cemetery director said that the staff is taking care of the dog and feeding him, they said that the dog goes for walks around the cemetery and then he stayed all day besides his friend.


As Miguel’s wife said, she tried for several times to take the dog back to her home, but each time he leaves the home again and turns back to where he decided to stay forever. Nothing is more precious than loyal dogs.