After nearly two weeks of missing this cat, it comes the time for the reunion.

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Every year, millions of cats get lost, and many are never reunited with their people. Jared, a 10-year-old autistic boy was devastated when his beloved 11-year-old cat Clyde went missing. 12 days later, Jared came home to discover that Clyde the cat was returning home after a neighbor recognized him from a ‘Lost and Found’ ad. Here’s his adorable reunion, and all was right in the world! Here’s the adorable reunion with Jared and best friend Triton, the family’s German shepherd. Jared and Clyde have been together since they were both just babies! As per a photo shared by his mom Terri.

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There are few things more heartbreaking for cat owners than when their dearly loved pet goes missing. Numerous cats are lost every year and sadly, few are reunited with their original owners. Cats are lost for many reasons and it must be equally traumatic for a cat to find itself lost and suddenly a stray, foraging for food and shelter. Here are some tips to not lose your cat:

Get your cat microchipped at a vet clinic or animal shelter. This is the best way to ensure that, if your cat ever becomes lost, you will be reunited. A microchip is a tiny radio transmitter that is inserted under the skin and remains there for the rest of the cat’s life. Also be sure that your cat wears a safe collar with an identity disc firmly attached, clearly printed with your name and phone number. Make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. If too loose the cat can get its front leg caught in it causing distress and possible injury. Check the collar often to be certain the tag is readable and the latches are working. Take this time to check how tight it is around the cat’s neck.

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