After she was set on fire, neighborhood kids saved the life of “Hope”.

After she was set on fire, neighborhood kids saved the life of

Meet Hope! And as her name, she is full of Hope, she is really a survivor. She fought for herself from really bad conditions, to what she is now. What happened to her was horrible, her previous owner was just a cold hearted man, and he did the worst thing to his dog: he doused her with kerosene. He tightened her then flicked a cigarette towards her, her owner set her on fire, and he is a totally sick mind person. Sadly, Hope was badly injured, her condition was horrible. She was burned and she also lost her ears. If you want to know how she was saved, children saved Hope. Hope was very close to death, but the children helped her. The neighborhood kids used a garden hose so they can put out the fire. She could’ve died if it was not for the kids who saved her. The kids used a garden hose to put out the fire. I am thankful for those kids that they did their best to save Hope, that’s why we should teach our kids to love animals and care for them, also offer them help if they need, they are very courageous.

If you want to know what happened to the previous owner, he had been charged with felony of animal cruelty and arson; I hope that he will get the hardest penalty. People who do something horrible like this will do it to people one day. And as for hope, by the help of people and their donations, she recovered, and still on the way of recovery, and thankfully, Hope was adopted and had her own safe home now, and the most loving family ever who will love her and care for her.

Watch Hope’s recovery in the video below, and share this amazing story between your family and friends.