After this goat was rejected by his mom, he became this man’s pet.

After this goat was rejected by his mom, he became this man's pet.

This is a story that you won’t hear every day. You are about to meet the cutest goat on earth. We hear about those who took kittens or cats or dogs as their beloved pet. But this man is having a goat pet. In Yorkshire, England, Little Benjamin who is 5-weeks old goat and simply, it’s his best friend. This man is taking it as his pet. As this man is telling the story, this little goat was born with a twin. Its mother was only able to care for only one; sadly, she rejected him and cared for his brother, so Tom took Benjamin in his house.

Benjamin the goat is following his owner everywhere, night and day. As Tom said, he is feeding for about six times per day. When you watch how he jumps and runs, you will be completely amazed; it’s the cutest thing ever to see. Actually, Benjamin the goat is very well known now, many people come to see him and play with him, there is a website made for him and also a Facebook fan page, not just that, there is an online shop selling the photos and products with the picture of little Benjamin on it, and there is a calendar of Benjamin will be out soon. Well, it seems that Benjamin the goat is a big celebrity.

When people asked Tom if he will keep Benjamin the goat with him or not, he answered that when he reaches two months old he will free him into the forest. So he can live happily there.

I am totally amazed by this story, what would you do if you were having a goat pet? Watch this video to know the full story from Tom, and if you find it interesting share it with your family and friends.