After waiting for two years, finally a Veteran gets his Four-legged surprise


Giaramida of Commack, New York, has waited two years for a service dog to help him overcome the stress he has faced for a decade stemming from his time serving in Iraq. His life hasn’t been easy since the Iraq war and he couldn’t stand life after the loss of his fiancée to a brain aneurysm. Giaramida like any other veteran has suffered so much already because of war conditions and the whole situation is difficult to endure.

Thanks to a generous donation from Paws of War, which is an organization funded by Cow Harbor Warriors, a non-profit group raises money for post 9/11 war veterans. Giaramida was surprised with the sweet 7-month-old German Shepherd, Scarlet.

“I see the dog come out and I’m looking at the screen, and I see a dog and I’m looking around and I didn’t even hear what the commentator said anymore,” Giaramida told WCBS-TV. “The last 10 years have been a struggle,” Giaramida said. “Six months ago, I recently lost my fiancée to a brain aneurysm. So this service dog is going to do a lot for me.”


New research concludes that man’s best friend could be a lifesaver for veterans of the war in Iraq. Researchers are collecting evidence to prove that a strong bond with dogs has biological effects, such as elevated levels of the hormone Oxytocin., “which, in a magical way, improves trust, the overcoming of paranoia, and other pro-social effects” says Meg Daley Olmert of Baltimore, who works for a program called Warrior Canine Connection.

Giaramida, after all the stress he had been through in Iraq, he was hoping to find someone to make his life much easier and take him to a peaceful life.  He was lucky to find this in Scarlet. He said that the last ten years have been a struggle, and that service dog, Scarlet, is going to be his friend.

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