An Amazing video proves that tigers’ best friends are dogs!

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“Never come between a baby and its mother”

Everyone doles out this piece of wisdom at safaris, national parks, and zoos to help visitors keep safe. That is because mothers will fight to their deaths to keep everyone away from harming their babies.

Just like human mothers, when it comes to a tigress, it is probably the best to stay as far from their cubs as you can. Although we have already seen many instances when a human adopts tiger cubs, their moms were not around during the process.

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Nevertheless, every rule has its exceptions. Although it is never recommended to approach tiger babies with their moms, two German shepherd dogs have gained permission to do so.

At the Oasis of the Siberian tiger, an organization in Senec, Slovakia, dogs are raised together with Siberian tigers from an early age. At the organization, there are 25 tigers who live in smaller groups and most of them, were born there.

The two cubs in the video were raised with these dogs since they were born; therefore, they consider dogs as fellow tigers and friends. You can see in the video below how the adorable groups interact and play.

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