An Abandoned Toddler Was Spotted Feeding From The Neighbor’s Pregnant Dog!


It’s terribly shocking, when you know that there is an abandoned toddler that was kept alive because of a dog.The dog was actually feeding the baby. It all started when a neighbor had spotted a two-year-old boy who was naked and feeding on her pregnant dog in a mechanic’s workshop, named Reina. The truth behind this abandoned baby is that his heartless, inhumane mother had left him alone in the desert port of Arica, shockingly without any kind of food or water.


Reina’s owner called the police immediately; the little boy was taken to the hospital immediately for the medical check. Shockingly, the baby was having an infected skin and a lice infestation. Despite it all, the baby’s life was saved because of this dog and her milk, another thing that proves how adorable dogs are.

It didn’t end at this point, the mother of that baby showed up in the hospital, but shockingly she was drunk. The father of the boy had also appeared in the hospital, and it was unclear what the role of the father in the whole situation was, but it’s clear that both of them are inhumane parents who don’t deserve to have a baby. After few days the boy was released from the hospital, and he was sent to the local child welfare authorities to be well care for. The baby’s mother was not arrested, because the boy had no injuries, despite that it was confirmed that he was naked and skin infected!


This story really shows how adorable dogs are, and how heartless some parents are, they’re mean and heartless, unable to care for their kids, irresponsible. There is a family court that was scheduled to decide who will care for the boy onSeptember 22nd.

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