An incredible rescue of a pregnant horse

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It is not about dogs or cats this time, it is about a mare called Nova. The pregnant mare was about to be shipped to an auction in Mexico. Dr. Karri was called to see if she could help the poor horse who was sick since she was five years old. She was sneezing and coughing, and in addition to suffering severe respiratory infection, Nova needed de-worming.

Before being ready to foal, the sick mare was isolated to be on a medical plan. Within two weeks, Nova’s eyes and nose were all cleared up. After that stage, Nova was moved into a new barn.

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When Dr. Karrie visited Nova later on the day she moved, she was surprised by a miracle. The mom had delivered a healthy baby colt who was named Orion. This discovery was stunning as Nova gave birth unassisted!

The second half of this video is totally different from the first sad half, it shows Nova and her baby, Orion, having pure joy and love together. They are kissing, running, cuddling, and playing; enjoying each other’s company. Now, Nova is preparing for her forever loving home, while in the same time, she and her colt are doing great.

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The Vet Ranch, Inc. is founded in 2014 in Texas as a non-profit organization. The main target of this organization is to provide free veterinary treatment services for homeless animals. Thanks to the generous animal lovers who donated their money to save both Nova’s and Orion’s lives, God bless them.

Our sympathy, kindness, and donations for such beautiful creatures can make a great difference. While all we can do is to donate our money, other people like the folks of the Vet Ranch are donating their efforts and most of their time to rescue homeless and sick animals.

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