An Orangutan Playing With Tiger Cubs, You Might Think It’s Cute, Until You Find The Truth Behind It.


This video was the talk of the social media, it amazed everyone. The video shows a young orangutan, taking care of little tiger cubs.  Cuddling and playing with them, she was acting like a babysitter. The video went viral; it was viewed more than ten million times on YouTube and social media.

Most people kept on aww-ing when watching it, because they didn’t know the truth behind it. They didn’t know that it’s not cute at all; it’s totally shocking and disappointing.

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This video was recorded at the Myrtle Beach Safari’s The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.) in South Carolina, where it is supposed to be a safe place for abandoned and orphaned animals to live in happily.  However, the shocking truth is that these animals that appeared in the video, the orangutan and the cubs, were taken from their mothers forcefully.  So what the orangutan did here is give those cubs the love and kindness they needed; the kindness that they should receive from their mothers. They also use the tigers in a very mean way, they give you the chance to take a picture holding a baby tiger on your lap after paying $100 per person. These youngsters are obviously used meanly in business.

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These animals were used to being captured on film or camera, so people wouldn’t bother asking about the truth or the story behind these animals; they call it “cuteness overload” instead.

The T.I.G.E.R.S. received too many accusations, but they didn’t comment on any of them.  Many websites and reporters tried to reach them, but the answer was always a recorded messages.

All what we get from this video is that there are a lot of dirty business created behind these ‘cute’ videos, not everything is adorable and cute as we see on those videos. All that is needed is to investigate before sharing or liking any cute video on social media.