An owner performed with her dog, and it was magical

5-31-2015 11-59-24 PM

It’s very amazing and entertaining to see beautiful dogs dance with their owners. This video is amazing; it was recorded during the annual Eurasia dog show in Moscow, which is a dancing freestyle competition with dogs and their owners. This performance was magical; it was a mix between tricks and obedience training, but let me tell you, the interaction between both the dog and his owner was amazing, the dance was very creative. Despite that this dog is one of the gentle giants, and it’s known that it’s not easy for them to perform or dance like this, it’s way easier to train a little dog, but this dog is doing great, he is very well trained.

5-31-2015 11-59-43 PM

Can your dog dance like this? It’s very easy to make your dog dance like this. It’s all about training your dog well, with lots of love and performing happily. Some people use really hard ways to train their dogs and it affects their behavior. If you want your dog to dance, here is how to start. You have to bring your dog’s favorite treat, hold the treat and start to bring it up with your hands, and draw it up so you will make your dog stand up on his feet, then, move the treat in a circular move, so your dog will be moving in circles. Don’t forget to give him the treat, so he will get more interested in that, you have to be patient and never get annoyed if your dog failed from the first time.

6-1-2015 12-00-08 AM

If you think that this dog is talented, let me tell you that there are more talented dogs that made some stunning performance, watch this video of an owner and her dog that made the best dance ever, they took the dance floor and shocked everyone.