An Unusual Friendship Spotted By A Photographer, Between A Bear And A Husky

8-15-2015 7-20-04 PM

Animals’kingdom is still surprising us every day with unusual friendships, and this one is absolutely special. It’s known that bears and husky dog can’t get along as friends, but this pair isdifferent. A photographer named LassiRautiainen took those surprising photos of the bear and the husky. The photographer spotted the two friends for ten days; she noticed that she found them together for more than 8 hours. She took lots of photos for them, and even they shares food with each other. As the photographer said, it’s a rare friendship; no one knows how this friendship started. Maybe they were young when it started, and they helped each other survive. Now you will see some of the incredible photos that Lassi captured for the adorable friends.

1-This friendship is rare, it’s not every day that you see a bear and a husky as friends!