Anuko the husky dog is so angry with his owner for pretending to throw the ball; see his priceless reaction now!


Who doesn’t love huskies? Well, pretty much nobody! They are adorable, and we have an example here. This Siberian husky dog is breaking the internet with his very angry face that his owner captured for us, and it’s hilarious. Anuko the Siberian husky dog was definitely not happy about his owner, Jasmine Milton – an 18-year-old psychology student from Aylesbury, not throwing the ball, but pretending like she did, and when he figured out, that was his face; thankfully, his owner was able to capture his reaction, it’s hilarious, isn’t it? Jasmine says that her dog her source of happiness; she first had Anuko after she was treated with having depression, and she says that since she got him, he was the reason of her smile and her good days. She says that Anuko the Siberian husky dog is her hero; it seems that she loves him very much, he is so lucky to have such a lovable owner.




The amazing Anuko was born with that serious look; he is a little over a year old. The look he has on his face always indicates that he is grumpy, but he isn’t, he is a furry, happy dog! He is so adorable, I want ten of him!




I think that if you own a Siberian husky dog, then you are the luckiest ever. Siberian husky dogs are very highly energetic animals, they love to play a lot and move a lot, and also Siberian husky dogs interact with the sounds and howl with it or in its rhythm. Also, you have to exercise your dog well; don’t forget that huskies are very energetic and playful, so you have to give them lots of time to exercise them.




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