Baby Horse Has A Sneeze That Will Blow Your Mind

17-01-2016 06-56-01 م

A little newborn foal was only few hours old when he experienced his first sneeze so out loud. The sweet tiny foal was standing by his mother when he sneezed. His sneezing blew him literally on the ground.

Mama horse sniffed her little baby to make sure his alright! Bless you, little one!

You won’t miss this video of “A mini horse doing his first run”:

Everyone, meet Charlie, the cutest mini horse on earth, despite how tiny he is, when you see him taking his first steps, you will fall in love right away!

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Charlie is a small horse, but he is having a wonderful personality. He is so adorable, what I liked most about this video is when his owners scratch him; it’s something that I would love to watch every day. Like in babies, parents feel very happy to see their baby takes his first step, it’s the same for any horse owner, and they feel very heartwarming when they see their horse running and walking for the first time.

You may like watching the video of “horse whisperer” as well,

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It seems that the animal world is about to surprise us once again.  The animals in this amazing compilation, understand what it is like to have a best friend. This video shows the friendship between a Doberman dog and a horse.  A very odd friendship.  They called this Doberman “The Horse Whisperer”. Their friendship surprised everyone.  When you see their photos together, you will be amazed.

If you are a horse lover, you would enjoy watching this so much as I did. Share with your family and friends!