Beagles dogs are seeing the sun and grass for the first time after a life in a laboratory

6-8-2014 12-53-21 PM

ARME, The Animal Rescue Media Education, is a non-profit organization specialized in saving animals. Helps to rescue nine Beagles from a laboratory in Spain as a part of Beagle freedom project which is about 72 pf dogs were rescued. after they were released from the testing organization.  ARME takes them to a place where they can leave their crates and run around.  However, the Beagles have only known the crates and were not allowed out, their ages are between 4 and 7 years, and they lived in cages all their entire lives, they didn’t get any kinds of physical interactions, their life was just closed between four sided cages. When the laboratories were done with the researches, they contacted animals rescue organizations so they could find home for dogs.


The Beagles did not know what to do.  They did not want to leave their crates, when the crates opened in front of them, you can see their eyes are looking everywhere, like it’s the first time they could see the whole world, it’s the first look on freedom.  It took over 10 minutes of waiting patiently for the first Beagle to step outside his crate.  Those nine beagles finally got their second chance for life; all they ever wanted is a safe home with loving owners. For more information about the rescue, go to www.beaglefreedomproject.com. The website also has more information about how to donate not just for the beagles but for any animal that needs rescue. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.