A bear playing with a bale of hay! Must watch!

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This video will make your day, and your smile won’t go away! He will make you love bears even more! In this video, you’ll see a bear wandering around in the wilderness, when he met a bale of hay that kind of distracted the bear. The bale of hay was a weird thing for the bear, which made him more curious. However, after sniffing it, he kept on playing with it. It made me feel as if he made the bale of hay his new best friend! This video is just adorable.

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One of the weirdest stories about bears is that one in this video:  the story of the bear man, it’s one of the weirdest things that I’ve ever seen. The 73 year old Sulo Karjalainen, who runs with his brother, Jalo, the “Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre”, and surprisingly, this center has become a home for his bears. You will be surprised by the bond that he is having between himself and the bears are very amazing and strong, their friendship is different. More than 20 orphaned brown bears are taking this center as their home.

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Bears and cubs are beautiful, despite that they are categorized under the wild animals category, but they are having a very funny side in their life. Baby bears are called cubs, by nature, they just stand beside their mother, so they can learn how to deal with life and survive on their own, and how to hunt and get food. They are full of energy and they’re playful. They leave their mother after the age of year and a half, but siblings may stay another year together for protection. Whichever they are, cubs or real big bears; they are very cute and lovable animals.
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