Because She Is Dying And Too Sick To Travel Around The World, Others Do This For Her

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Polly, the poor blind Pit Bull, was found terrified, all alone and abandoned on a bench in a park in Saint Barbra, California. She was too scared to move, she was terrified to even get off the bench. The poor dog was already blind, dumping her didn’t help the situation, other than proving who ever did this was cruel and heartless.  Poly’s situation was more tragic than anticipated. Not only was she dumped shortly after she gave birth, she also had a heart condition and a skin infection.

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Poly was taken by a rescue to find her a home and give her the love and necessary medical care she needed. But sadly, Poly was discovered to be too sick and may not have long to live. She was taken in by Foreverhome Pet Rescue, where she spends most of her time napping due to her severe heart condition. Poly must not get too excited or she goes into a coughing fit and faints!

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Poly’s serious condition restricts her social activities, but her lovers and supporters don’t believe so and they’ve decided to show her their love, care and support till the very ending. Poly’s rescuers have created a website called Flat Poly where people can print pictures of Poly, apply them to a piece of cardboard, take the flat Poly out with them on their adventures.  They can take pictures of her cardboard cut out where she can become part of their memories.  Poly became a kind of virtual bucket list!

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Thanks to the website Flat Poly, many people now know Poly’s story. No one knows how much time Poly has left, exactly. To donate to Poly, check out her fundraiser page and don’t forget to share her story with your friends!