Belgian Malinois puppies attacked their owner, and it was HILARIOUS.

4-12-2015 3-45-37 PM

Just imagine if you are in this woman’s place, and all of those puppies (that I actually tried my best to count them but I failed) are trying their best to keep tugging on your jacket. It’s totally hilarious. This is how the Belgian Malinois puppies reacted like when their owner started to put THEM back in the cart, but obviously they don’t want to get into the cart, so they started to tug on her jacket, and when she stops them and moves them away, one of the Belgian Malinois puppies tugged on her sleeve. It was hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing at it.

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The owner of these Belgian Malinois puppies recorded these moments and uploaded it on YouTube, in a three minutes video. As the owner explained that it’s the third litter of puppies from her Belgian Malinois dog, and as you see, they are playful and funny. The video gained lots of views and was shared widely on Pets lovers’ blogs, it gained more than 70,000 views. Some viewers advised the owner that she should start training the Belgian Malinois puppies because this breed is so hard to handle if they are not well trained, they should start training from a young age.
The Belgian Malinois dog is full of energy and playful, exercising is very important to this breed. They are intelligent and always alerted, that’s why they are used as military dogs. So whatever they were, a family member, or a competitor in dog sports or even a military or police dog, they are doing their job perfectly, they simply suit any life situation.

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So how do your puppies play in that age? Have you been ever in a situation like this? Watch the video below and share it with all of your family and friends.