Bird Cries Over His Fallen Friend’s Body. Then, A Miracle Happens!

While it is easy to find a friend who stands beside you in good, it takes a real best friend to be there for you when things get tough! That is the reason why it is so important to have a real best friend because they are needed the most in the bad, they may even save your life! Scroll through to know the most stunning rescue made by an unexpected friend!

Whether you agree with this or not, this special kind of friendship does exist between animals just like with humans. Probably, it even takes a different kind of best friends with animals, because they have to put themselves in real danger sometimes to save their companion’s life!

While many people place stickers on their glass windows to alert birds, this does not work sometimes when a fast flying bird does not notice the warnings. That is what exactly happened with one of the birds in the video below when ran headfirst through the unnoticed window. It did happen so fast, a bird knocked out and laid on the floor, looking possibly dead!

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Screenshot: Daily Mail video

Although the video indicates the existence of a group of people in the place, another bird approached the lifeless body of their best friend, just as if being in danger to check on the fallen friend is something of no worth! At first, the alive bird seems to be crying over the dead body of the lying friend. But unexpectedly, it turned out that there are attempts to wake the lifeless bird!

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Screenshot: Daily Mail video

Unconcerned with the dangerously exposed position, the loyal friend keeps trying to get the laid body back to life, tries shaking, a neck stroking, and even giving a CPR! but all in vein. Eventually, the bird decides to take one last very unpredictable action!

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Screenshot: Daily Mail video

While eyewitnesses still stand stunned, the brave bird gives the laid fellow the “kiss of life”! You would never predict how things went afterward!

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Screenshot: Daily Mail video

Check out the video below and watch how the rescue attempts ended!

Did you ever know that birds could be that smart?

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Via Daily Mail