Blind Dog Had To Suffer In A Deep Hole For A Month Until He Was Finally Rescued!

In Bosnia, a blind dog with no name fell about 26 feet into a dark, cold well. It is unknown if someone did this as an act of cruelty or it just happened as an accident, but the poor dog stayed there for months!

This dog would not be able to survive this long time unless the children living near were so generous with him. The hungry dog feed for weeks on the food the children threw down to him

Harmony Fund of Holden, an animal rescue group in Massachusetts, knew about the poor dog, they have moved fast and coordinated for rescuing the dog.

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Equipped with harness and safety hat, one man descended into the well.

The rescuer made his way down the narrow well until he reached the ground where the trapped dog was. The dog had been saddled with a specially made harness, and the team above lifted him up.

The rescuer had been pulled out as well.

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As the rescue operated in the holidays, the rescue team named the dog “Christmas”. According to Laura Simpson, the founder of Harmony Fund, the physical condition of the rescued dog was, unexpectedly, good, and now he is in foster care, where they hope finding him a home to live with people giving him the love and respect that he deserves.

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We wish Christmas a merry Christmas, and hope that you may find the forever home you deserve soon.

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