Boaters free a baby sea turtle from a big bag caught on its fin!

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It’s so heartwarming to see people willing to save animals when they see them stuck in something or hungry or dying, it’s very humane. These boaters were taking a stroll in the water when they saw a baby sea turtle on the water’s surface, and they also noticed that something was wrong with it. They wanted to take a swim with the turtle and take pictures, but its fin was stuck in something. Deciding to help her, one swimmer had the camera in the water, and the others took the turtle out from the water to find a big, white bag stuck in the turtle’s fin. Thankfully, they had a knife to cut the bag from the turtle’s fin, and they successfully did so. After that they freed the turtle, making sure that the camera guy caught it while swimming away; I’m sure that the turtle is very grateful for what they had done, we are also so thankful for those people who decided to help the turtle, and not leave it to suffer.

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It’s good to know that turtles don’t eat every day. Feed your pet each 3 or 4 days. Don’t get near the turtles mouth while you are feeding it. Read about the turtles’ feeding and choose right types of food for your turtle, and it’s very important to cut it in small pieces, in the size of the turtle bite. Read about how you can raise one. The baby turtles are called sparkles. Turtles are long living animals; they can live for 200 years old. The material of the turtle shell is the same of human nails, and the upper shell is called carapace, the shell protects the turtle, and not all breeds hide their head inside it.

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