Both of them had the same struggles, but now they complete each other/

6-29-2015 4-37-41 AM

Sometimes, our dogs complete us, and actually their friendship is a life changing thing, that feeling you get when you see your dog for the first time is precious; you get the feeling that the world is getting to much better and brighter.

This story is inspiring, showing that your dog can complete you; your dog can be the change you get in life. This man is disabled; he is sitting in a wheelchair, facing lots of obstacles and struggles. On the other hand, there was a disabled dog, no one wanted him because of his disability, but now, both of them are completing each other.


This man offered the dog a second chance at life, and in the same time, the dog gave him happiness and endless love. Both of them complete each other; they have nearly the same struggles and the same obstacles that they are facing together. The video is so beautiful to watch, it’s something that will bring lots of tears to your eyes. It’s very shocking to know that the dog was born healthy and normal, he was walking normally on his four legs, but he was hit by a car, the one who hit him left him to die, he didn’t try to save him, and it led to this, he is paralyzed in his hind legs, and his new owner named him Chance, what an inspiring name.


Now the man brought a wheelchair to Chance, so they can walk around, play and have the maximum fun, they are sharing the most adorable moments together. It’s shown in the video how Chance made a change in this man’s life. Dogs are loyal, lovable, and they are the most adorable companions. Watch the video below and share this amazing story with your family and friends.