Caitlyn is out of surgery, doctors expect full recovery


Remember the story of the sweet Caitlyn? A 15-month-old chocolate staffie mix, that was found with an electrical tape wrapped so tightly around her mouth? Sadly the tight tape also caused a few wounds on her flesh.

Caitlyn was found on someone’s doorstep on May 27, with the tape tight around her muzzle. She may have been suffering for 48 hours approximately. After the tape was removed, her situation was horrible, it caused severe swelling, and it may be everlasting. Her tongue also lost blood and might have to be partially removed if the tissues die. Caitlyn may also have permanent facial disfiguration, and any other dead tissue can lead to serious complicated problems.

After few days the police arrested the abuser who did this to her. William Leonard Dodson, 41, was charged of ill treatment of animals and torture after he reportedly bought Caitlyn from her original owners for $10, only two days before, her previous owner found her on his way out, and called 911 immediately. That heartless man will be faced with charges and up to 5 years in jail

Caitlyn went in for surgery in the past few days to reconstruct her damaged lips, and tongue, and thankfully it was a successful surgery. The doctor said that before surgery they were about to decide to remove her tongue out, because it was found stuck between her teeth during the whole 48 hours that her mouth was wrapped, but thankfully after the success of the surgery, doctors became very optimistic about Caitlyn case, they said that she may not need that surgery to remove her tongue, and she will get well soon.

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This story is very touching, now Caitlyn is at the ICU suite, we are all wishing a full recovery for her. Share her amazing progress with your family and friends.