Careless owner locks up dogs in car on a hot day

7-2-2015 6-16-46 PM

Sometimes, some dog owners are just not fit for the responsibility, and those results in some very bad consequences, for them and for their dogs.

Literally one of the worst acts of irresponsibility that dog owners commit is locking their dogs in the car on a hot day! And no matter how many stories we see every day about the dangers of leaving your dog locked in the car, we still see a lot of owners doing it, and the consequences are more often than not drastic.

7-2-2015 6-17-37 PM

The same situation happened in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, an area that is generally known for its hot weather. And yet, a woman spotted 2 dogs locked inside a car, with windows left slightly open and a boiling hot bowl of water inside!

The woman immediately started searching for the owner, but to no avail. She then phoned the police, but the officer that arrived deduced that the dogs were in okay condition so he left the scene.

Feeling desperate with the temperature inside the car getting hotter, the woman finally decided to take matters into her own hands, while news crews arrived to capture the scene. Reaching through the window, she unlocked the car and freed the two panting dogs, who were very grateful she was there to help them.

7-2-2015 6-18-18 PM

After finding the owner’s number on the dogs’ tags, she phoned him and he got to the scene. However, and not so surprisingly, the man did not feel any regret and he didn’t think he put his dogs in a dangerous position.

Isn’t it just outrageous? Owners who do this to their dogs should not be allowed to have dogs at all. We hope this story spreads awareness on the danger of the situation.

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