Chihuahua dog protecting his food from his dog friend.

4-15-2015 3-55-30 PM

Dogs are adorable, and they have amazing acts that make us laugh out loud, and they always know how to make our day better. But what about how dogs feel towards other dogs? In this video, you will see the most adorable yet hilarious two dogs; this video will make your day.

The video starts when two small dogs, are eating for the food bowl, and then a German shepherd dog appears, as if he smelt the food and he just needed to eat, but guess what? He can’t, and the reason is hilarious. The Chihuahua dog senses that there’s someone behind him that wants to eat from his food, so he quickly scares him away but barking, a weird kind of bark that just makes you jump from your place, and the German shepherd backs away quickly. The funny thing is, the German shepherd dog thinks that they are playing together, so he keeps on repeating his actions, and he actually gets scared in a few times, the Chihuahua dog is so protective of his food, isn’t he? In the end of the video, I think the German shepherd dog starts to eat, so I hope the dogs aren’t always fighting like that.

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Raising two or more dogs together is not a hard thing to do, but sometimes they have different characters from each other especially when they aren’t raised together since their puppy hood or they are different in ages. It takes quite a lot of time until they can get used to each other, and lots of training, patience and treats, and then they will soon be able to get used to each other. Make sure you don’t treat one better than the other, it might cause jealousy and it will be harder on the dogs to like each other.

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