Communication between dog and owner is greater than expected.

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Roxy and her loving owner understand each her too well. The owner could easily figure out what the adorable German shepherd wants by just whining. Roxy isn’t a quiet a dog. She uses her whining as a form of communication between her and her owner. The owner says that about nine out of ten of the times that Roxy whines, she’s able is figure out what she wants from the first whine.

As we can see in the video, Roxy is whining and moving around the staircase. Her owner understands that Roxy wants to go play outside. Roxy keeps staring at the stairs with longing and then moves her gaze to her owner, as if she’s truly talking to her.

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As the owner coos the adorable dog, she starts to snuggle into her and lick her lovingly. However, it seems that Roxy is a well-trained dog. As we can see in the video, she obeys her owner’s every command. When she says ‘sit’, Roxy sits. When she says ‘roll’, Roxy rolls. She truly is very well-behaved and obedient. Therefore, the owner decides to take her out, for being such a good little doggy.

The video only shows us one of the many perks of having a pet – especially a dog. They are fun, playful, obedient, loyal and absolutely adorable. Dogs are great companions and friends. Roxy and her owner can understand and communicate with each other more than most people can with each other. Maybe, this is one of the many reasons some people enjoy the company of dogs more than those of their own kind.

So, let’s just agree that dogs are the most amazing thing in the world. Right?

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