Cop Is Furious When He Finds a Pup Left in THIS. Now Watch His Reaction!

Police officers in Roswell, GA received a 911 call regarding the welfare of a couple of pups. However, when they responded, they were even more upset of what they found out.

Two poor dogs in two different cars in the same Home Depot parking lot had been left all by themselves in the hot cars of their owners.

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According to Officer Lisa Holland, “We arrived out there to the scene and saw the dog appeared to be in distress, panting heavily in the back seat.”

While the temperature outside was 97 degrees, it was 150 degrees inside of the car, when the officer measured it.

It is extremely dangerous for dogs to be left in overheated cars like this. Therefore, the Roswell, GA police department shared the following message on Facebook to help spread awareness about this serious issue:

“There is little that saddens us more than seeing a dog in distress. Today, officers were called out to a parking lot where a customer spotted a dog locked in a car. While the dog’s owner was shopping inside the cool, air-conditioned store, her animal was suffering inside the sweltering hot vehicle. It’s 97 degrees outside! Although the front windows were cracked, officers show that the temperature inside the car was 150 degrees.

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This month, we have responded to numerous calls of dogs trapped in hot cars. We know that dog owners love their pets, and are not intentionally trying to harm them, but people must know that temperatures inside the car can soar to scorching heights within minutes. The heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads.

Please help us spread the word to NEVER leave pets inside of a hot car, and know that we will always respond to help these animals when you call 9-1-1!”

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According to the ASPCA, when the temperature is around 78-degree, it can heat up to reach 160 degrees inside a car, even with the window left open. Staying in such high temperature for few minutes could kill your pup!

You must call 911 immediately whenever you see an animal trapped in a hot car!

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