Correcting incorrect stereotypes about pit bull

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Pit bull dogs are one of the kindest and faithful dogs; people think that they are wild, that’s why they submit them in fights. It leads to a breed discrimination for Pit Bull dogs that is born in the United States. Sadly, it leads sometimes for many pets’ owners to be forced to leave their beloved pets due to this breed-specific legislation. Now, pit bull is targeted to this breed discrimination, before this, there were German shepherd, Doberman and Dalmatians or any big dog breed.

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Celebrities decided to work on this horrible breed discrimination, one of them was The Walking Dead actor, Jon Bernthal, he decided to make a change, he hopes that he can change what people feel about Pit bull dogs. Jon Bernthal is a pit bull owner, and recently he is involved in the Majority Project, which is a campaign that tries to end the horrible discrimination against loving and caring Pit bull dog owners.

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Under the slogan of “we are not the exception, we are the majority”, every pit bull dog’s owner printed this and sent a picture with his pit bull dog and shared it with the world. If you want to participate in the campaign, just take a photo with your beloved Pit bull dog holding the quote, “I am a pit bull dog owner, I am the Majority,” and after capturing the photo, send it to the Majority project’s official website.


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You will be surprised to know that the campaign collected hundreds of submissions from people around the country with different ages, but the campaign won’t stop there, Jon will film a PSA which is featuring some of those submissions. All what they wanted in the campaign is to show the world how amazing Pit bull dogs are, and unite the pit bull dogs lovers community all over the country.